There’s nothing complex about our working philosophy at DAVID ANDREWS MEDIA LTD. We don’t do jargon. You won’t find us waffling on in corporate double speak. Americans have a word for all that stuff. We prefer simply to get on with the job.

Which we are very good at. Connected, with long established media contacts and relationships, we know where to take your story. And, most importantly, how to tell it.


After all, founder David Andrews has been there himself. A former national newspaper reporter, City, Money and International Business Editor, he’s done the lot. Knows how it all fits together. Whereas the vast majority of PR firms will look to dazzle and impress with corporate mumbo jumbo, here at DAVID ANDREWS MEDIA LTD we work out the story and the best way to take it to our selected target media. And then we show you the results.

And that’s about it.

Simple. Except it’s not. But you know what we mean.